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Date of the publication: "15" of December 2017.

Using the Log Pad Internet service available on the Internet under the unique domain name, including all its subdomains (hereinafter – Service), the Internet user – legally capable to act adult individual (hereinafter – the User) absolutely agrees to this user agreement (hereinafter – the Agreement) that regulates rules of Service use.
The Log Pad service functioning by means of the website, is service for collecting, operation analysis and sorting of the User log files (files with records about events in a chronological order) online.
The Agreement defines the mutual rights, responsibilities and relationships between Administration of Service and the User who accepted the Agreement.

1.1. Under the Agreement, the following terms and definitions are used.
1.1.1. Administration – the Service owner having powers to adjust and add any information on the Service, including to make decisions according to claims of Users. The Administration is guided in the activities by internal convictions and doesn't perform preliminary test of information loaded by the User on Service. Communication with Administration is performed by e-mail to the address –
1.1.2. The User – the legally capable to act adult individual registered on the Service, received an account (hereinafter – the Account).
1.1.3. Content – set of program, text, graphics and other works owned by the Administration and/or used by it, legally required for proper functioning of Service according to the purposes specified in the Agreement preamble.
1.1.4. The Log File – the log file loaded by the User for the purpose of the analysis by means of Service.
1.2. Other terms used in the Agreement and/or in the relations resulting from it are subject to treatment in accordance with the business conduct and the scientific doctrine.
2.1. The current version of the Agreement is always available on the Internet at the address:
2.2. The text of the Agreement is the agreement of accession. All personal data are processed according to terms of "Privacy policy" – application No. 1 to the Agreement which is its integral part. The current version of "Privacy policy" is always available on the Service at the address:
2.3. The acceptance of the Agreement is registration of the User on Service. If the User doesn't agree with the Agreement and/or with any of its applications, he shall immediately cease the use of Service at all devices, at all Internet browsers. The acceptance of the Agreement means unconditional acceptance by the User of all its terms, at the same time the User understands essence and content of the Agreement and its applications, including responsibilities assigned to it.
2.4. The Administration has the right to change the terms of the Agreement unilaterally completely or in a part by publishing the new edition of the Agreement on Service. By continuing to use Service after publication of the new edition of the Agreement, the User agrees with the changes made to the Agreement, at the same time the User undertakes to learn the new editions of the Agreement and its integral parts independently.
2.5. Communication with Administration on the Service functioning as well as on any other matters relating to the fulfillment of Agreement obligations by the parties is performed by the e-mail address of Administration.

3.1. For registration of the User on Service no fee is charged.
3.2. For registration as the User the Service visitor shall enter his e-mail address then, to the specified address the clickable email will come, after click-through, the User shall choose the logon password (at least 8 symbols) and add the name. The data specified by the User are processed according to "Privacy policy".
3.3. From now on, to log in the Account on Service the User needs to enter the login (e-mail address) and the password.
3.4. The User is completely responsible for safety of his password, safety and reliability of his data, and transfer of the login and password to the third parties. The Administration never asks Users to report the Account password and other personal data for the purposes which are not connected with the Service functioning purpose.
3.5. For reasons of safety the Administration recommends to quit the Account, clicking the corresponding button in the right upper corner of the front page of Service. 
3.6. After passing the registration procedure all functionality of Service will become available to the User.

4.1. The User, when using Service agrees to observe the Agreement with all its applications.
4.2. The User understands and unconditionally agrees that he uses Service only within the Agreement and exclusively at own risk and that Service and its Content:
- will conform to User requirements;
- it will be provided continuously, timely, safely and without mistakes;
- will be exact and reliable.
4.3. The User agrees that defects in work of any software as a part of Service, will be corrected in time possible for this purpose.
4.4. The User agrees that the Log File and any data loaded on Service aren't subject to preliminary check by Administration, thus, the User shall have liability for completeness, reliability and compliance to the legislation of the loaded information. 
4.5. The User is not allowed:
4.5.1. to copy Content on Service for profit and/or if those actions violate an exclusive right on Content.
4.5.2. to enter illegally into the closed sections of Service, to use and distribute malicious software, etc. 
4.5.3. to perform the actions directed to destabilization of functioning of the Service software, to perform attempts of unauthorized access to Service management.
4.5.4. to discuss, criticize actions of Administration on the third-party websites, in mass media, etc. except such actions of the User are a value judgment of the User and don't cause damage to business reputation of Administration.

4.6. The Administration has the right:
4.6.1. to edit, systematize, reduce at own discretion information on Service, except for personal data of the User.
4.6.2. to control activities of the User on Service by any available mean.
4.6.3. to direct without any limit informational, organizational and other materials within the Agreement to the User e-mail address specified by him in the process of registration.
4.6.4. to delete the User Account and also information left by the User completely or in a part, to terminate the Agreement in an unilateral extrajudicial order in case of violation by the User of any term of the Agreement and/or its integral parts, or in case of non-use of Service during 90 (ninety) days from the moment of registration.
4.7. The User shall not use possible errors of Service software to get the advantage over other Users. The User shall report about all errors of Service of Administration revealed by him. 
4.8. The Administration isn't responsible for possible loss or spoil of data and also for other consequences of any nature, including for errors of a Service program code.
4.9. The User realizes and agrees that he shall estimate independently all risks connected with Service use including reliability, completeness or usefulness estimation of information obtained with its help.
4.10. Also the User can download from pages of Service the program file which automates a task (script) for automatic periodic loading of log files on Service. As the mentioned scripts are an open readable program code, the Administration isn't responsible for consequences of their starting on the computer of the User who shall see them independently to be convinced that such starting won't bring undesirable consequences.
4.11. The administration reserves the right to remove User data at any moment and without any sanctions if such data (total volume of log files) exceeds the maximum admissible amount – 1 GB. The User agrees that the Administration isn't responsible for removal or refusal in storage of any data of the User loaded on Service.

5.1. The Administration set the following restrictions for the User within Service use:
5.1.1.	Total volume of stored log files – 1 (one) GB;
5.1.2.	Total number of databases – 100 (one hundred).
5.1.3.	Total number of stored log files – 10000 (ten thousands).
5.1.4.	Total volume of uploaded logs, per month – 10 (ten) GB;
5.1.5.	Total volume of uploaded logs through Service API, per day – 1 (one) GB;
5.2. The User has the right to use Service only for the internal aims and he promises:
5.2.1. Not to sell, lease or rent Service under his Account;
5.2.2. Not to modify services of Service and not to change the result received with its help;
5.2.3. Not to load illegal information and/or files on Service.
5.2.4. Not to give access to the third parties to the Account for any purposes.
5.2.5. Not to try to get access to any services of Service, access to which is limited.
5.3. The User is forbidden to make any actions, including loading or transfer of any data obtained by means of Service if such data:
5.3.1. violate the third-party rights to intellectual property, a trademark, a trade secret or private life;
5.3.2. violate the current legislation;
5.3.3. are false, misleading or incorrect;
5.3.4. indecent, pornographic, vulgar or offensive;
5.3.5. causes discrimination of the person or a group of persons on racial, religious or other motive;
5.3.6. propagandize violence;
5.3.7. contribute to illegal weapons or drug trafficking;
5.3.8. violate the rights to the trademark and/or the intellectual property belonging to Administration;
5.3.9. use the nonpublic fields of Service, its computer or technical systems;
5.4. the user shall not use any meta tags or metadata containing the name of the Service Log Pad and/or the name "cloudvyzor" without written consent of Administration.
5.5. Collecting of personal data of other Users for commercial or any other illegal purposes is forbidden to the user.

6.1. All objects on the Service, including design elements, the text, graphics, illustrations, the computer programs, databases and other Content, are objects of the exclusive rights belonging to Administration, or used by it legally.
6.2. Any objects of intellectual property, cannot be used without prior written permission of Administration. Use is implied as all actions regardless whether the relevant actions are done for profit or without such purpose.
6.3. The User is granted the nonexclusive and non-transferable right (authorized use) to use Service on his device provided that neither the User, nor any other persons with the User�s help will:
6.3.1. copy or modify the software;
6.3.2. create derivative works of the software;
6.3.3. get into the software to obtain programs codes;
6.3.4. sell, cede, rent, transfer to the third parties in any other form of the rights to the software provided to the User under the Agreement;
6.3.5. modify services (modules) of Service, including for the purpose of obtaining of unauthorized access to them.
6.4. In case of law violation of the rights to intellectual property on Service, the relevant right holder in a pre-judicial order send to Administration the letter of claim by e-mail. The letter is submitted by the person authorized by the right holder, the copy of the document (electronically) confirming his authority is applied to the letter.
6.5. In case of detection of incompleteness of data, inaccuracies or mistakes in the letter of claim the Administration sends to the applicant within 24 (twenty-four) hours from the moment of receipt of the letter – the notification on rectification of the provided data. The specified notification is sent to the applicant once. Within 24 (twenty-four) hours from the moment of receipt of the notification, the applicant takes measures directed to completion of missing data, elimination of inaccuracies and mistakes and sends to Administration the specified data.
6.6. Within 24 (twenty-four) hours from the moment of receipt of the notification or the data specified by the applicant (in case of the direction the notification to the applicant) the Administration deletes intellectual property objects, the rights to which have been violated. 
6.7. In the presence of the proofs confirming legitimacy of use of an intellectual property object, the Administration has the right not to take measures for removal of such objects upon the letter of claim, and sends to the applicant the adequate notice with the applied proofs of legitimacy of using the object.

7.1. The User understands and agrees that Service, Content and other information, are provided "as is" and that the Administration isn't responsible for any delays, failures, incorrect or untimely delivery, removal or not safety of any information.
7.2. The User agrees that Service responds to his requirements at the moment of adoption of the Agreement and will correspond to them in the future, results which can be received with Service use will be exact and reliable and can be used for any purposes or in any quality (for example, for establishment and/or confirmation of any facts).
7.3. Pages of Service may contain hyperlinks to other resources of the Internet which are uncontrolled by Administration. By this the User agrees that Administration isn't responsible for availability of these resources and for information placed on them and also for any consequences connected with use of these resources.
7.4. Under no circumstances the Administration isn't responsible to the User or to any third parties for any consequential, accidental, unintentional damage, including a lost profit or the lost data, real injury or damage to business reputation caused in connection with Service use even if the Administration warned or specified a possibility of causing such damage.
7.5. Anyway, the management responsibility is limited to 100 USD and is assigned to it in the presence in its actions of fault.

8.1. Any actions of the User with use of the login and password to the Account (e-signature key), confirms the fact of forming of the basic digital signature directly by the User.
8.2. Any electronic messages and also the documents directed with use of the basic digital signature are recognized equivalent to documents signed by the handwritten signature of the User and allow to establish authentically that they come from the specific User.
8.3. The user shall respect the confidentiality of the basic digital signature (not to transfer the login and the password from e-mail and/or the password from the Account), and is fully responsible for its safety and individual use, choosing independently a method of their storage and limitation of access to it.
8.4. In case of unauthorized access to the basic digital signature of the User, its loss or disclosure to third parties the User shall immediately stop using of Service and to report about it to Administration by any available mean.

9.1. All disagreements or disputes which can arise between agreement parties shall be resolved in a pre-judicial order by means of negotiations, the direction of letters of claim. The term of the answer to the claim – 10 (Ten) working days. Claims of the User are accepted by Administration only in writing.
9.2. If the parties fail to reach the agreement during pre-judicial settlement, the dispute arising out of the Agreement is subject to consideration in Arbitration court of St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region.

Integral part of the Agreement is:
The application No. 1 – "Data Protection Guidelines", the reference to the current version: