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"Privacy policy" is an integral part of the User agreement (hereinafter – the Agreement) of the Internet service available on the Internet under the unique domain name, including all its subdomains (hereinafter – Service). "Privacy policy" – the document defining the order of processing, systematization and disclosure of personal data and information provided by Users of Service to the Administration of Service including information about implementable requirements to the Users personal information security. The provisions, terms and definitions specified in the Agreement are applicable to "Privacy policy".

1.1. Being registered on Service using its functionality, the User agrees to the processing of his personal information both loaded by the User and received by Administration in the course of performing obligations under the Agreement.
1.2. Personal data are understood as the data of the User allowing identifying him as an individual – the e-mail address, the User's name. Personal information of the User is understood as information obtained in the course of Service use – the password from the Account, log files (Log Files), information on the device from which they are brought together (network addresses, names of browsers, etc.), cookie files of the User and also information necessary for Administration for rendering technical support to the User.
1.3. Cookie files of the User, that is those files which are stored by the browser of the User by means of which he gets access to Service, are used by Administration for the only purpose – preserving the password from the Account of the User for further authorization. Cookie files can be deleted by the User at any time, using settings of the browser. The User also has the opportunity to disable cookie. If the User turns off transfer and/or storage of cookie files in the browser, he will need to enter manually the password from the Account in case of each authorization; at the same time the full use of Service will not be limited for the User.
1.4. For any appeals to Administration upon processing of its personal information the User should use the e-mail address specified when registering.
1.5. The Administration has the right to perform any actions available to it for the purpose of confirmation of the data specified by Users. If information left by the User is unauthentic for any reasons, the Administration has the right to block such User till provision of authentic data by it.
1.6. Any personal information uploaded by the User on Service is perceived by Administration "as is" and cannot be pre-checked for truth. The User personally takes responsibility for the accuracy of the information on the service.
1.7. In case of disclosure or provision of information the Administration shall follow the privacy according to the Article 7 of the Federal Law of 27.07.2006 No. 152-FL "About personal data", and measures for security of personal data are observed during their processing, according to Article 19 of the Federal Law of 27.07.2006 No. 152-FL "About personal data".
1.8. The Administration has the right to perform also automated processing of information provided by the User and also to perform cross-border transfer of such information.
1.9. In case of claims to Administration from the third parties concerning use of the data left by the User (including personal data of the third parties), the User undertakes to settle such claims independently and at own expense and also to compensate Administrations all expenses and losses suffered by it owing to the violation of this point by the User.
1.10. Registration on Service is made according to section 3 of the Agreement.

2.1. The main purpose of data processing is to provide the User with the personified access to Service for use of all Service functionality specified in the Agreement.
2.2. Personal information processing is based:
- on the principles of law and justice;
- on processing of only such information that meets the goals of its processing;
- on correlation of the content and volume of the processed information to the stated purposes of processing.
2.3. Processing of personal information is performed for fulfilling obligations by Administration under the Agreement, that is for collecting, operations analysis and sorting of log files (files with records about events in a chronological order) of the User online.
2.4. Processing of Information of the User is performed for the purposes of:
2.4.1. the User Account Creation;
2.4.2. authorization of the User;
2.4.3. access recovery to the User Account;
2.4.4. Service functionality features improvement;
2.4.5. directing to the Users advertising information about the carried-out promotions, information about possible modifications of Service, etc.;
2.4.6. realization by Administration of the marketing activities directed to Service promoting;
2.4.7. directing to the User other information necessary for Service use according to its functional features.
2.5. The Administration has also the right to use personal information of the User for the purposes, not contradicting the applicable laws.
2.6. Processed personal information isn't excessive in relation to stated purposes of its processing.

3.1. In case of adding information by the User on Service in the course of registration and also during the Service use, such information doesn't get to public access.
3.2. The Administration transfers the User personal information under the Agreement and also in cases, provided for by the legislation and by international agreements.
3.3. The Administration has the right to transfer the User personal information to the partners and contracting parties for realization of marketing activities and the statistical analysis and also to the third-party services "Microsoft Azure" for its storage and processing.
3.4. Reporting of Users personal information at the request of state authorities (local authorities) is performed in accordance with the legislation.
3.5. Upon the User's notification sent to Administration by e-mail, the User personal information must be deleted from the database. The Administration has the right to store the User personal information within 6 (six) months from the moment of receipt of the corresponding notification about deletion.
3.6. Information and/or materials, Log files and other files left by the User on Service are subject to immediate and permanent erasure in cases when such materials and/or information:

3.6.1. contains riotous statements, calls for extremist activities, participation in the mass (public) events held with obstructing established order;
3.6.2. is left for the purpose of committing criminal acts, for disclosure of the data which are the state or other specially protected by the law secret for distribution of the materials which contain public calls for terrorist activities or publicly justifying terrorism, other extremist materials and also materials propagandizing a pornography, a cult of violence and cruelty and the materials containing obscenities;
3.6.3. is doubtful, contradicting publicly available information;
3.6.4. contains data on private life of the citizen with violation of the civil legislation;
3.6.5. contradicts requirements, as provided by applicable law on the referendum and by the law on elections;
3.6.6. violates the rights and legitimate interests of citizens and the organizations, including honor, dignity and business reputation of citizens, business reputation of the organizations;
3.6.7. is spread for the purpose of concealment or falsification of socially significant data, spreading misleading information under the guise of authentic messages;
3.6.8.  is spread with the purpose to slander the citizen or certain categories of citizens on the basis of gender and age status, racial or national identity, language, religious beliefs, profession, residence and place of work and also in connection with their political positions;
3.6.9. contains a pornography, including pornographic images and/or announcements of involvement of minors as contractors for performing in entertainment events of pornographic nature;
3.6.10. contains information, about means, methods of developing, preparing and use of narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances and their precursors, places of buying such drugs, substances and their precursors and also about methods and places of cultivating of the drug-containing crops;
3.6.11. contains information on methods of making suicide and also calls to making suicide.
3.7. The Administration doesn't perform prior check of materials and/or information left by the User on Service that doesn't deprive of it the right to remove information breaking this "Privacy policy" if they knew about such violation.
3.8. Removal of the Account and of any other personal information of the User is performed upon his request sent to Administration by e-mail.

4.1. The Administration takes technical and organizational legal measures in order to protect the User personal information from illegal or accidental access, destruction, alteration, blocking, copying and distribution and also from other illegal acts.
4.2. To ensure the security of personal data, Administration takes the following measures:
- defines of risks of personal information security when it is processed on the Service;
- takes organizational and technical measures to ensure personal information security when the information is processed on the Service;
- applies means of protection of information security which have passed in the prescribed manner the compliance assessment procedure;
- holds an assessment of the effectiveness of taken measures to ensure the security of personal information;
- holds procedures aimed at identifying cases of unauthorized access to personal information;
- makes recovery of the personal information modified or destroyed as a result of unauthorized access to it is;
-  establishes the rules for access to the personal information processed on Service and also provides registration and accounting of all actions committed with personal information on Service;
- carries out the constant control over the taken measures for personal information security.
4.3. The Administration shall not be liable for actions of the third parties that have access to the User personal information as a result of unauthorized access to Service and also owing to other illegal actions, made by the third parties when the Administration couldn't expect or prevent them.

5.1. This document is publicly available, its current version is always located on the Website link –

5.2. The Administration has the right to change the text of this document unilaterally, without prior notice about it to the User. Responsibility for timely familiarization with the current version of "Privacy policy" rests fully with the User.
5.3. All disagreements and disputes arising in connection with use of the User personal information shall be resolved in the order prescribed by the Agreement.
5.4. If the User doesn't agree with terms of "Privacy policy", he shall stop the Service use immediately.